Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ramblings of a Southern girl

I've always been a Southern girl, born and raised, but here lately I have been obsessed with Paula Deen (and her house!) I've been DVRing some of her shows. I made the Savanna Cheesecake Cookies...omg. If you are on a diet...don't do this to yourself. The entire pan lasted maybe a DAY in this house...boyf probably ate 10 of these things! You can find the recipe here!

One thing that has me stressed out these days is boyfriend. He already has his degree, and coaches football at the high school we both went to...however, he has decided that he is going back to school for Law Enforcement...yep, he's going to be a cop. His brother is a police officer, and I'm sure that has more than just a little to do with his sudden interest. The first thing I thought is that I will never see him! By the time he finishes football practice, goes to work, and goes to class...not much time left in the day! And once he graduates, he has no intention of giving up his coaching position. Not so sure how he is going to manage that one! A police officer was killed on duty a little over a year ago in our city. I hate the thought of him ever being in harm's way, especially when he will be putting himself there by choice! Still, I know how heroic those jobs are and how lucky we are to have men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe! I'm really trying hard to stop thinking about myself!

Busy week ahead...but can't wait til Easter! Still need to find an Easter dress!! I hope you all have a blessed week! :)

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  1. Those cookies sound like my martha stewart cream boston creme cupcakes I made. They seriously laster 15 minutes.