Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ramblings of a Southern girl

I've always been a Southern girl, born and raised, but here lately I have been obsessed with Paula Deen (and her house!) I've been DVRing some of her shows. I made the Savanna Cheesecake Cookies...omg. If you are on a diet...don't do this to yourself. The entire pan lasted maybe a DAY in this house...boyf probably ate 10 of these things! You can find the recipe here!

One thing that has me stressed out these days is boyfriend. He already has his degree, and coaches football at the high school we both went to...however, he has decided that he is going back to school for Law Enforcement...yep, he's going to be a cop. His brother is a police officer, and I'm sure that has more than just a little to do with his sudden interest. The first thing I thought is that I will never see him! By the time he finishes football practice, goes to work, and goes to class...not much time left in the day! And once he graduates, he has no intention of giving up his coaching position. Not so sure how he is going to manage that one! A police officer was killed on duty a little over a year ago in our city. I hate the thought of him ever being in harm's way, especially when he will be putting himself there by choice! Still, I know how heroic those jobs are and how lucky we are to have men and women who are willing to put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe! I'm really trying hard to stop thinking about myself!

Busy week ahead...but can't wait til Easter! Still need to find an Easter dress!! I hope you all have a blessed week! :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Bullet Points are a girls best friend....

Lots to say and rather than bore you all to tears with loooong drawn out, usually runon sentences, I figured a list would be the best way to go about this :)

1. Sorry for going MIA...again. Midterms just about killed me, but i'm finally on Spring Break!

2. Was supposed to go to Panama City Beach for said Spring Break, but after driving 3.5 hours to meet up with friends, my mom called to let me know my PawPaw was admitted to the hospital :( No questions asked, I immediately turned around to drive 3.5 hours home. He's doing better, and i'm not glad I had to miss my trip, but I am glad I came home!

3. I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland tomorrow!! Have any of you seen it?? Did you love it??

4. Went to the ACC Tournament Thursday night with my Daddy, only to watch my precious Tarheels lose :( No, we didn't go expecting them to's been a rough year, but we are still tarheel faithful!! HEELS!!!

5. I am now using this weeklong break to clean out ALL of my clothes, shoes, etc. There's a real good chance that it will take me the whole week!

6. I am obsessed with buying cute Spring/Summer clothes! I feel like winter has lasted about eight years, and I can not put my sweaters up fast enough! American Eagle has had some really cute stuff lately! I used to shop there in high school, but it seems like there stuff has gotten way more classic.
7. On that note, they closed down our Marshall's & I may or may not have gone into a brief depression.

8. Last but not least, here's a picture of the Princess. She's super glad to have her Mama home afterall! Ya'll didn't think I could post without a picture of her did you? Oh, you did? Well, how silly ;) Enjoy your week ladies, pinky swear I will be a better blogger!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have blog fever!!

OMIGOSH I was so excited to read my comments today...& to see I actually had *gasp* followers!! The sweet & wonderful Kelly, at, encouraged girls roughly ages 18-24, to post a link to their blogs! It was such a good idea & a fun way to find other bloggers around my age! I am so excited about this whole blog thing, HA! We (Me & Princess Roxanne, that is) can't wait to make some blog friends!

No, really...who wouldn't wanna be friends with this face??? :)

Since i'm still gettin the hang of actually coming up with funny/witty/interesting things to blog about, I thought i'd start with a *10 facts* post!

  1. Roxanne is my 3 year old fur baby! Seriously...rotten to the core! Bf found her in a newspaper add for "Yorkie Poo's," and went to pick her out when she was just days old. When he went back to pick her up after 8 weeks, the rest of the puppies were furry lil yorkies and well....I think we can see my girl is NO yorkie!! It was a surprise lol..but I wouldn't trade her for the world :)
  2. I think that seasonal candy tastes better than the normal kind...I mean those SweetTart ducks & chickens taste way better than the plain round ones!!
  3. I have changed my college major 4 times...Interior Design, Sonography, Nursing, and now Athletic Training. It set me back a teensy bit, but I couldn't be happier where I'm at now!
  4. I am a beach girl, through & through. I love everything about it. I also love incorporating beach things into my wardrobe...especially jewelry! To me, nothing says beach summer like coral & turquoise!
  5. On that note, half the reason I get so excited about summer is because of summer clothes! Seriously, I have NO cute cold weather clothes!! (By the way, in the long process of closet cleaning...stay tuned for a blog sale!)
  6. I have never colored my hair!
  7. I have worked at a gym for women for almost 2 years, and now I feel like I have 100 2nd moms & grandmas! I have met so many amazing women with amazing stories, and I love each & every one of them!
  8. I try to workout daily & eat healthy when I can. Except that I bought Girl Scout Cookies today and ate the entire box of peanut butter
  9. A good 70% of my wardrobe probably came from Marshall's or TJ Maxx!
  10. I love to cook & bake, and I LOVE watching Paula Deen!

Hope everybody has had a happy Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I need to VENT!..ETA

Ok, so I deleted my entire post! Sure, it felt good to vent...but I don't like the way I a gossipy, whiner...(are those even words? hehe). I am an avid believer that forgiveness is crucial, and holding a grudge against somebody is only affecting me! I do stand by my prior statement though ladies, when it comes to's QUALITY not QUANTITY! Check back tomorrow for something way more fun and no complaining...pinky promise! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010 it springtime yet???

I am probably the worst blogger ever...but I am determined for this to change! We have had some serious great weather this weekend! It's been around 55-60 degrees! A serious change from months with snow/ice/sleet etc. every week! It has been so nice, but gives me a serious case of Spring Fever! I cleaned out my closet yesterday...well about 3/4 of it! I have a few things I would like to post on here for an online yard sale, before I take them to a local consignment shop or post them on eBay! So be on the lookout :) Today I didn't get to get out and enjoy the weather because of two major tests I have Monday & Tuesday...I am so stressed about them! Monday is an average written exam, and Tuesday I have a taping skills test for AT! Please keep me in your prayers!! I guess I better get back to the books...hopefully after Tuesday my life will have settled down some & I can be a better blogger!! I'll leave you with a little bit of eye candy I am craving for the warm weather coming up...Tory, you sure know a way to a girl's heart!

*Image from Sandal

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello Lover

I'm pretty sure I have tried to start a blog about 2 different times now! Whether it be time, or just plain laziness I have never stuck to it! I am hoping third time's a charm...time for a little bit about me. I'm a twenty-something college girl going to a University down South! I'm a future athletic trainer, who LOVES her some football! I am definitely a "guy's girl" when it comes to sports! On the other hand, I love dresses, summertime, shopping, Lilly, hot pink, and anything beachy! I have a wonderful boyfriend who has somehow managed to put up with me for a few years now! He's a future football coach, so we are two of a kind! One furry baby, Roxanne, who is so rotten it's just sad! I love God, and I owe every single blessing in my life to him :) I'm really excited about the Blogger World, so don't be shy...say hey ya'll!!

One more thing...I want to do a Blog Yard sale, hopefully this week! Do any of you ladies have any tips about pricing, shipping, or anything like that????